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Case Study
A simple idea can change the world. Or at least make a viral video.
Television: WGN
Press: Deadspin, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Bleacher Report, NBC Sports, Yahoo!             

Sequel: Washington Post

Once upon a MIME

I’ve been on lots of first dates. So it only made sense that I’d make my reality television debut on a show called ‘First Dates.’ The NBC show was produced by Ellen DeGeneres and narrated by Drew Barrymore.

Live in the D

MTV Cribs Spoof
I wanted by apartment to stand out on Airbnb.
Chicago Tribune


White Men Still Can't Jump

Jeffrey Rutledge, Founder of Rated Detroit, challenged his LinkedIn network to a game of 1 on 1. Beat Jeff in a game to 11 and he’d make you a $1200 customized coffee table. I won 11-2. But instead of asking for a coffee table, I said just give me the footage and we’ll call it even. So this social media post cost me $1200. Good deal or bad deal?