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Case Study
A simple idea can change the world. Or at least make a viral video.
Television: WGN
Press: Deadspin, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Bleacher Report, NBC Sports, Yahoo!             

Sequel: Washington Post

Once upon a MIME: An obscene mime takes his “art” to a deplorable level.

For the Watch: When the office discovers Mark doesn’t watch Game of Thrones, everybody loses their freaking minds.

I’ve been on lots of first dates. So it only made sense that I’d make my reality television debut on a show called ‘First Dates.’ The NBC show was produced by Ellen DeGeneres and narrated by Drew Barrymore.

Live in the D

MTV Cribs Spoof
I wanted by apartment to stand out on Airbnb.
Chicago Tribune


White Men Still Can't Jump

Jeffrey Rutledge, Founder of Rated Detroit, challenged his LinkedIn network to a game of 1 on 1. Beat Jeff in a game to 11 and he’d make you a $1200 customized coffee table. I won 11-2. But instead of asking for a coffee table, I said just give me the footage and we’ll call it even. So this social media post cost me $1200. Good deal or bad deal?